Mural at West London Art Factory | 2018

I spent New Years 2017/18 creating a mural at the West London Art Factory. With the friendship and guidance of Richard Wilson (a fellow resident artist at my studio) I translated a section from one of my Digital Orchid designs into a 3m X 5m mural. Thank you Richard! 

I absolutely loved getting hands on with spray paint, and finding a new sense of flow with this medium.

White Cross Street Art Festival, London | 2018

I was commissioned to create a 2m X 2m piece for the White Cross Street Art Festival last Summer. Inspired by a Cherokee proverb you can see TWO WOLVES up on the corner of Banner Street & Whitecross Street EC1.
An Old Cherokee told his grandson
"My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all.
One is Evil.
It is anger, jealousy,
greed, resentment, inferiority,
lies and ego.
The other is Good.
It is joy, peace, love,
hope, humility, kindness,
empathy and truth."
The boy thought about it,
and asked.
"Grandfather, which wolf wins?"
The old man quietly replied,
"The one you feed."

Mural @ JTown Hot Yoga, philadelphia usa | 2018

It was a pleasure to work with JTown Hot Yoga on this 3m X 7m commissioned mural - breathing new life into their outdoors area. The brief was to soften the space using nature inspired motifs, and we settled on this super punchy tropical palate to reflect the heat of the studio and the vibrant community there. Thanks for having me guys!


Working in spray paint is a new direction for me that I'm excited to continue with... Please get in touch if you’re interested in commissioning a mural.