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As an Urban Contemporary Artist my tools are digital...

All of my work starts with going out to photograph Nature and the World around me - be that plants & flowers, or water & reflections as an example. I then bring that imagery into the computer and work into it with a variety of different processes. I really enjoy cross-processing and creating something that has a life of its own. Unique digital expressions that are based in something natural & real.

It's also the reason why all of my artwork is Giclee printed to the highest digital specs onto 300gsm Bamboo paperstock from Hahnemuehle (who have been crafting internationally acclaimed fine art papers for over 400years) because I believe in supporting sustainable choices. 

WHy are COLOURs so important?

Colours have the ability to powerfully transform our surroundings and in doing so the way that we feel also. Some are uplifting and raise our energy, others are more soothing and calm the senses. My training in colour theory, and intuitive awareness of colour therapy allows me to recognise how colours affect our physical and energetic bodies.

By taking a mindful approach to the art we surround ourselves with we can increase our wellbeing on many levels. Ultimately it is my intension to bring more joy into the world through my creative practice by making artwork that makes you smile from the inside out!

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul. 

Wassily Kandinsky

WHy do you use SYMMETRY?

Nature is full of underlying patterns, rhythms and structures… mathematics and the golden ratio can be seen time and time again when you examine the make up of both the flora and fauna around us. Working with symmetry allows some of the subtleties that are hidden in plain sight to reveal themselves so that we may appreciate them. 

Some of my designs start to take on the form of Mandalas - geometric patterns that help focus our attention by establishing a sacred space. These beautiful meditative images have been used across many ages and cultures.

Symmetry works in the same way… balance feels good (which is why it is utilised in so much classical architecture). When we find stillness we become more aware of our subtler selves. My artwork offers the same point of focus.

Do you take COMMISSIONS?

Yes! I happily offer my services in creating bespoke artwork for you to enjoy, be that individually at home, or in a workplace environment.

Together we will work out what you wish to create in your space, establishing a clear concept and direction that fits with your timescale and budget. I can guide you towards which colours, elements and shapes will work best in constructing the right atmosphere.