Why do you use SYMMETRY?

Symmetry feels good!

Historically it’s been used throughout different societies as a way of focussing our attention, a form of embellishment, a signifier of scared space, and as a tool to establish balance both internal and external. Balance resonates deep within our psyche - it is recurrent across different cultures, architectural styles and within Nature itself.

The natural world is full of underlying patterns, rhythms and structures… mathematics and the golden ratio can be seen time and time again when you examine the make up of the flora and fauna around us; from the antlers of a stag, to the perfectly formed arrangements of flower petals.

 Working with symmetry acts as a point of focus for our minds and our bodies, simply put it makes us slow down… and when we slow down we get out of our heads and more into our bodies which is something that we can all benefit from.

By feeling more and thinking less, we become more aware of our subtler energetic selves. 

My artwork invites you into this place. You can use it as a point of focus within a room, as an aid to meditation, or just enjoy the play of colours and shapes! (If you’re familiar with the Rorschach tests or ever looked at any ink blot images you may have noticed different things each time, kind of like watching the sky change and seeing passing clouds come alive.)

I hope to encourage a mindful approach to home decor, and believe in the benefits of living with great art as an investment in your day-to-day wellbeing.

How do you make your art?

All of my pieces start with photographing nature…

I first learnt to take photographs on my Dad’s vintage Pentax SLR - he taught me how to read the light levels and adapt the settings based on the speed of the film you were using. I loved learning about the science of exposing light particles onto film and the “aliveness” of this medium. My training and work as a graphic designer means that my tools are digital tools, and by taking a photograph and bringing that into the computer I am then working directly with light and colour - that same “aliveness”.

Using a series of cross processing techniques I develop the initial photograph into the finished artwork, using symmetry to reveal the beauty in the curve of a leaf, or the way the sunlight flashes through the trees. Some pieces are more obviously drawn from nature, and some are more abstracted and intricate. As part of this process I intentionally rearrange the axis of symmetry creating different artworks from the same starting point within a series. The symbolism in this process of changing perspective and reinvention holds great importance for me and has become a personal mantra.

Life is constantly holding up mirrors to our experience, sometimes the smallest shift in our thinking can be completely transformative!

WHy are COLOURs so important?

Colours have the ability to powerfully transform our surroundings and in doing so the way that we feel also.

Some are uplifting and raise our energy, others are more soothing and calm the senses. My training in colour theory, and intuitive understanding of colour therapy allows me to recognise how colours affect our physical and energetic bodies. By taking a mindful approach to the art we surround ourselves with we can increase our wellbeing on many levels.
Ultimately it is my intention to create more joy in the world through my creative practice by making artwork that makes you smile from the inside out!

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.” - Wassily Kandinsky

Do you take COMMISSIONS?

Yes! I hope that my style resonates with you - please get in touch in you’ve questions about a bespoke project.