Stephanie is an urban contemporary artist who believes in the power of art to inspire. Her aim is to create art that makes you smile from the inside out, and has developed her style to joyfully combine the beauty of the natural world with a vibrant digital aesthetic. 

Her training in Visual Communication has influenced the intention behind her work. Using colour theory combined with an abstract approach she encourages you to feel your way with each piece, engaging intuitively with how colour speaks uniquely to your experience, as well as our shared visual language. 

The large scale and abstract style of her pieces create colour fields which immerse the viewer, allowing them to connect emotionally to the expressive nature of the colours themselves. By combining photography with multiple digital processes, Stephanie uses symmetry to emphasise the hidden patterns in nature, creating a harmonious balance that heals on a soul level.

“As an artist I am fascinated by how art unites our internal and external worlds. Colour has an incredible impact on our well-being; making conscious choices about the art we live with is vital.”


PS. Triangles are actually my favourite shape.